12th Man

Brought in as one of many forwards, Takuma Nishimura has become fundamental for Marinos’ run to the title.

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A decade has gone by from the terrible Tohoku Earthquake. That day, Vegalta Sendai became something else.

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State of the J: Vegalta Sendai

Vegalta Sendai are a bit anonymous in J1. They don’t challenge for honours, but always do enough to see them clear of the relegation spaces and their Yurtec stadium is one of the most atmospheric places in the J.League when full & jumping. To learn a bit more about Vegalta in 2017, Regista turned to […]

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The Sendai-gnosis

What is going on at Vegalta Sendai this year? From afar, it looks like the club are in trouble, but what do people close to the club think? In his debut piece for J.League Regista, @maimaidenden gives us an update on what is happening at the Yurtec Stadium.   1. So far, Sendai are struggling […]

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Talking point: Sendai Spirit

“Football isn’t about life and death. It’s much more important than that.” So said Bill Shankly, the legendary Liverpool manager.   But it isn’t. That isn’t to say though, that some games aren’t more important than others, that some don’t mean more to the supporters and that some don’t have a significance that extends past […]

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