The Rough (football) Guide to Matsumoto

  Matsumoto is a place you should definitely take time to visit. The football aspect is excellent as you’ll struggle to find a more fervent fan base in Japan, but also the city itself is a bit of a hidden gem. More on that later, but let’s get to the football side of it. (And […]

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The Rough (football) Guide to Kyoto

By @sushi_football Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is high on the bucket list of many world travelers. And for good reason. It is a city full of cultural treasures, and scenes that foreign (and domestic) holiday-makers long to see: beautiful shrines, zen gardens & traditional buildings. Speaking of traditional buildings, Kyoto Sanga’s Nishikyogoku stadium […]

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The Rough Guide to…..Gifu

Whilst there are plenty of resources on the net & in print (hello Barry Valder!), I thought it might be a good time to start compiling a travel/stadium guide for those supporters wishing to follow their team – wherever they may go. Might as well start close to home: welcome to Gifu!! How to get […]

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