As @AgentOrange2009 will soon say, screw the niceties, and let’s dig deep into the relegationistan roulette….   On the surface, week 33 offered no change in terms of the Relegation table. All 4 potential relegation victims succumbed to their opponents. However, looking more closely, it seems as though some losses might be worse than others. […]

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Relegationistan: Party Crashers

There’s always one. Someone who walks past a party and thinks “I haven’t been invited, but you know what that party needs? Me.” In J.League terms, that someone is Jubilo Iwata. After a decent first stage in which they finished 8th with a fairly good record of 6-5-6, the second stage has seen them collapse […]

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Relegationistan in Autumn

It is a beautiful time of year in Relegationistan. Leaves are falling, teams are falling, supporter morale is falling. Looking at the foot of J1, we see more reds, maroons and oranges than we would in a usual autumn scene at one of Kyoto’s beautiful temples. When you think of a “classico” – you think […]

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Relegationistan – “Droppers”

Conspiracy theories. Utter drivel spouted by neurotic imbeciles? Or people who can see past the obvious and into the glorious realm of truth? Whichever one of these descriptions you subscribe to, the J.League has its own conspiracies. Or does it? It is a complex issue, but luckily @AgentOrange2009 is here to decode the messages – […]

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Enough of this Golden Week frivolity, there’s misery to be shared. And when it comes to sharing J.League misery, @AgentOrange2009 is the most generous man around…..   2 rounds ago, it appeared as though the Mighty Bellmartians of Shonan were done and dusted. Even though they managed to not allow 2 goals in a league […]

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Relegationistan: Speed Kills

Spring. The time when everyone is positive. New shoots of life spring from the ground. New pearls of beautifulness blossom from the trees, and everyone in Japan is looking forward to a new beginning. Except Steve Barme. As president of Relegationistan, he dwells on only the negative points of life. It is a hard existence, […]

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