Chasing the J – Mie

@GifuRichy continues on his journey around the prefectures that don’t have J.League clubs…..yet. In this installment he looks at the centrally located Mie-ken, a prefecture that is more famous for beaches, seafood, Formula 1, and shrines Think of Mie Prefecture and what probably comes to mind is Ise Shrine, ninjas, or pristine (and some not so […]

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Chasing the J – Nara

Nara. Home of numerous UNESCO world heritage sites, beautiful parks and a place where deer roam freely around the copious amounts of tourists. Nara is famous for lots of things, but for football, it is not. In the latest chapter of his series looking at prefectures that don’t have J.League clubs, @GifuRichy casts his eye […]

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Chasing the J – Shiga

Shiga prefecture. Know it? You might know Lake Biwa. You might know the historic castle town of Hikone. You probably won’t know it for it’s footballing prowess. In the second of his looks at the prefectures with no professional league team, @GifuRichy looks at Shiga-ken.   Shiga Prefecture is known predominantly for the biggest lake […]

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Chasing the J

Richy Palmer (@GifuRichy) is nothing if not an equal opportunist. He is longing for the day when each of Japan’s 47 prefectures are represented in the J.League. The ones which currently don’t have a J.League are in focus here, and he gives you the lowdown on which clubs might make the grade, and when. First […]

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