What is going on at Vegalta Sendai this year? From afar, it looks like the club are in trouble, but what do people close to the club think? In his debut piece for J.League Regista, @maimaidenden gives us an update on what is happening at the Yurtec Stadium.


1. So far, Sendai are struggling in the league. Why are they doing so badly?

I heard the team was good condition. However, many of our regular players got injured in March & April, especially our legend Ryang Yon-gi, and former Japan international Yuji Rokutan, and sub GK Kentaro Seki.


2. Who are the key players for Vegalta this year?

A: Hiroaki Mita ! He joined from FC Tokyo on loan. He has a skillful left foot and well-organized strategy. Sendai hasn’t ever had a left footed “play-maker” so I hope he’ll make more good combinations with our conventional players.

And I have to say our striker Wilson. Surely he’s one of the most successful foreign strikers we’ve had at our club. But now, he looks over-weight and has a habit of being on  the left side at all match. In all likelihood, all of us don’t want to watch his assist scene but his goal scene. That’s why he’s the best striker in our current squad, and our club history.

3. How do Sendai supporters feel about the team this year?

We lost many regular players, and signed many young, and mid-age players last season and this season. We’re undergoing an alternation of generations. So fans are divided in their thinking. They want to support the new players, but some fans feel irritation towards our players, and they also stretch their patience. That had a tendency to happen last season as well.


4. Do you think Vegalta will stay in J1?

As I said, We’re undergoing alternation of generations. And moreover, 2 small clubs like us (for example, Yamagata and Matsumoto) were relegated to J2 last year, and 2 richer clubs than us (Omiya, and Iwata) were promoted from J2 last season. So I think it’s hard for us to stay in J1…

But we succeeded in “the miracle” on 2011-12 season, so we expect our young squad to get great results like our 11-12 season…..and Leicester City FC !

Excellent! Thank you Yosuke. It seems even Vegalta Sendai are inspired by Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester City! Yosuke is very popular on Twitter, where he gives updates about Japanese football in English, and about football from all over Asia. Please follow him at @maimaidenden