Greetings J.League fans, and welcome to J.League Regista – a site which hopes to bring about reasonably interesting and vaguely insightful writings on Japanese football.

Why Regista? Good question. Regista is an Italian word that has been accepted with open arms into the lexicon of Japanese football. The “regista” is a midfield player that sits a bit deeper than your traditional playmaker – think Andrea Pirlo as the prime example, or Yasuhito Endo as a Japanese example.

The regista helps dictate play, and provides opportunities for others to demonstrate their skills, which is a rough approximation of what this site will try. It will serve as a vehicle for people with knowledge on, and passion for, Japanese football – from J1 downwards – to put forth their views and opinions.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will start to put up content that the casual observer & the seasoned watcher  will find interesting.

We look forward to interacting with everyone.

The J.League Regista team

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